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You Give The Tzedakah.
We Manage The Rest.
All your donations in one place.
Simple, trackable and tax efficient.

More Donated, More Received

Three Pillars: Maximizing your Tzedakah since 2004


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The Easiest Way To Give And Track Your Charity

How it works


Create an account


Create an account

Create an account either online or at our office


Deposit Funds


Deposit Funds

Deposit funds into your account and get your receipt


We’ll claim the gift aid


We’ll claim the gift aid

We’ll claim the gift aid 25p added for every £1 (if you are a taxpayer)


Use like a bank account


Use like a bank account

Donate with: blank/prepaid voucher books or via our online portal

What type of account do you need?


Donate charity as an individual

Donate without reclaiming gift aid, or

If eligible: get your gift aid claimed and added to your donation

Company/ Charitable Trust

Donate charity from your company

Donate charity from a charity trust

Easily get tax deductions for your charity

running a charity?

Raise funds quicker, and view, track and manage donations with an online account.

Giving the Smarter Way

What you get when you give with Three Pillars

Patient, Friendly Service

We are here to answer all your questions, and help you with whatever you might need.

Fast, Efficient Processing

Your donation will be received by the recipient within 48 hours.

Gift Aid Claimed for You

If you are a taxpayer, we claim 25p for each £1 you donate, increasing your charity by 25%

Tax Efficient Donations

One receipt for all your donations and one entry on your tax return, making tax savings hassle free.

Giving the Convenient Way

What 100’s of users enjoy about their Three Pillars Account

No more fumbling for change or figuring out how to transfer funds

You can give in many ways:

Prepaid voucher books

Blank voucher books

Online transfer/standing order

Online payments to crowdfunding campaigns

No more organising piles of receipts and checkbook stubs

Your online portal works like a bank account: 

Check your balance

Keep track of donations 

Receive monthly statements by email

All For Tzedakah

Three Pillars is a non profit organization. The 5% commission deducted is used for admin costs and all surplus is donated to help support Mosdos Toras Chaim (Kollelim Chodosh) in Manchester.

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