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This account is for you if you donate from a company or charity trust.

How Do I Donate?

How Do I Donate?

Deposit one larger amount in your Three Pillars account.

Give any amount of tzedakah from your Three Pillars account to charities of your choice. 

How does this help me?

How does this help me?

On your tax return, you only record one charity donation, the recipient being Three Pillars.

No more need for:

Multiple entries on tax return
Chasing and keeping receipts
Managing and monitoring separate charity accounts

If you are the executor of a will and have an amount to donate to charity without a predetermined recipient, you can pay it to Three Pillars and allocate it at a later date.

How do I manage my donations?

How do I manage my donations?

Your online portal works like a bank account where you can:

Check your balance
Keep track of donations
Receive monthly statements in the post

If you do not have online access, you can contact the office for updates on your account.

To create your account click the apply button below.

Once you’ve submitted the form you will receive an approval via email and you’re then ready for convenient giving.

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